Easy Makeup Steps For Beginners

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Here is an easy guide for all girls out their who are just starting to learn the steps of applying makeup

Just follow these easy steps and you will have the perfect finish makeup.


Step 1 - Moisturizing Your Skin

skin Moisturizing

No matter what type your skin is, always start with a moisturizer. You can chose the moisturizer based on your skin type. Oily skin combination skin or dry skin. After washing your face, apply the moisturizer to your full face and make sure to moisturizer the nick area too. Use special Eye cream or serum for your eyes. Wait for 2 minutes for the cream or serum to observe before proceeding to the next step.


Step 2 - Primer or Base

Primer is a base for foundation or face makeup it allows it the makeup to be smoother and last longer. Make sure you distribute the primer on the oily part of your skin or on the pores. normally the T-Zone is more oily for most of people. Primers are available in cream, gel and powder.


Step 3 - Concealer

how to apply a concealer

Concealers are used to cover and hide any blemishes on your skin. specially the dark area under or around your eyes. Apply a small amount for your concealer on the problem area and tap it carefully and lightly. Putting an extra of the concealer will not hide the blemishes, on the contrary it will make it more visible. So apply as little as its required and gently distribute it using your fingers or Beauty Blender. Always chose the color one shade lighter than your skin.


Step 4 - Foundation

select the foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply it in small batches in your forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and neck. and then slowly blend it evenly to cover your entire face and neck. You can use a Foundation Brush or a Beauty Blender to distribute your foundation. Keep it even so you can have a flawless finish.


Step 5 - Highlighters, Bronzers and Contour

Kim Kardisian Contouring - How to contour and highlight

One of the latest makeup trends is to scalp and define your face. This method is used by the famous Kim Kardishian who recently reveled one of her beauty secrets is to scalp and contour her face. This is can be easily done by using highlighters, bronzers and contours. in easy words you can actually use different shades of concealers to perform this step. For highlighter you would need a lighter shade of a concealer - normally 2 shades less than your skin tone. while contouring should be darker. Apply the bronzer along your jawline and on your cheekbones, blend it well so you don't have lines between the bronzer, contour and highlighter.


Step 6 - Blush

How to apply a blusher

Add blush to give your face a nice glow. apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks - you can locate your apple of cheeks by smiling. apply the blush carefully all the way to your hairline. Again, make sure you blend it very well so you don't have a define lines.


Step 7 - Eyebrow Pencil

The perfect eyebrow - how to draw an eyebrow

Make your eye stand out by nicely defining and gently drawing your eyebrows. follow your natural eyebrow line and fill in the gaps in it.


Step 8 - Eye Liner, Shadow & Mascara

eye shadow and eyeliner and mascara

If you'r a complete beginner start by using one to 3 colors of shadow. blend them well so you don't have a clear edge between the colors. For a complete beginner i prefer to start with only one color. use and Eye Shadow Brush take as little as you can of one color and lightly distribute it to the lid of your eye. blend it. define the beauty of your eyes by using and eyeliner and mascara.


Step 9 - Lipstick, Lip liner & Gloss

the perfect lipstick

Choosing the color of your lipstick is completely flexible and based on your mood and the occasion. you can mix and match with the colors until you achieve your perfect lipstick color. its nice to define your lips and maybe change the shape of your lips by using the lip liner. you can make your lips bigger or even smaller by using the lip liner. Use a matching lip liner with the color of your lipstick. To give your look a fresh and glow look apply a small coat of gloss on the top of your lipstick.

 If you follow these 9 easy steps using the correct Makup Brushes and Tools soon enough you will master it and you will grow to and advance makeup looks. the key to advance here is to keep on practicing. you can also follow some of the beauty bloggers on YouTube to learn some tips and tricks.



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