How To Have Pink Rosy Lips

Posted by Amina Sayed Saeed Taj on

It is not enough to make lips beautiful by using lipstick but it is also necessary to make lips beautiful and pink by using some home made products along with market products.

Mostly the lipsticks that women use are full of glitters. Although these lipsticks create glycerin and glamorous effect for sometime but this takes away natural beauty from the lips. In the consequence of which the pinkish natural color of lips start fading out. In this situation you should take great care of your lips by using good home made products.

Some Tricks to keep lips pink:

  • Mix few drops of olive oil in a pinch of salt and massage with this batter slowly and delicately. Meanwhile if you feel any sensation in your lips then wash out your lips with cold water.
  • Always use branded and good quality lipstick and lip gloss.
  • Remove Lipstick and lip gloss before going to bed and use good lip balm in night to keep your lips safe from getting dry in night.
  • Take some turmeric powder and mix it with milk cream and massage with this paste for about 5 minutes on your lips. This will keeps your lips pink and natural looking.

    Try these tricks at home and keep your self healthy, beautiful and pretty as always. 

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