3 in 1 Derma Roller Skincare 0.5mm/1.0mm/1.5mm

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This item can assists with natural reduction of Wrinkles, Crow's Feet, Cellulite, Stretch marks, Acne Scars, Pores, Sun Damage, Dark Spots. Promotes absorption of Vitamin C Serum, Creams, Oils, Moisturizes and other anti-aging products.

- Size: Approx. 15 * 4 * 1cm/ 6 * 1.6 * 0.4 inch (L*W*H).

- Reduces the sagging skin, scars (including acne scars), cellulite and so on. Keep natural, youthful skin.

- 1080/1.5mm needle head helps reduce scarring, pregnancy strips, cellulite and sagging skin.

- 540/1mm needle helps reverse the signs of aging on the face.

- 240/0.5mm needle head treats the sensitive skin of the eyelids and lips.

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