5Pcs Rose Gold Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brushs Kit in Box

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  • brand new and high quality
  • Hair Material: Synthetic Hair
  • Handle material: plastic
  • Give you a flawless foundation application every single time
  • No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little
  • With a concave design, which is perfect for you to apply liquid foundation on your face
  • 3.handle:14.7cm / W:2.2cm / H:1.4cm / hair diameter:1.8cm
  • 4.handle:15.4cm / W:2.8cm / H:1.4cm / hair diameter:2.5*3.6cm
  • 5.handle:16cm / W:3.4cm / H:2cm / hair diameter:3.1*4.2cm
  • 6.handle:16.5cm / W:4cm / H:2.6cm / hair diameter:3.8*4.8cm
  • 9.handle:13cm / W:0.5cm / H:0.8cm / hair diameter:0.25*1.2cm

How to use brush:

  • 1.Pick up your choice of product with the brush, start applying the makeup from the center of the face.
  • 2.Using a "Push and Pull" motion, glide the brush across the surface of the skin to blend.
  • 3.Finish off blending with light, circular motions.

How to Cleaning Your Brushes:

  • 1. Place brushes in warm water.
  • 2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to brushes and work into a light lather.
  • 3. Rinse brushes thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from protective coating.
  • 4. Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.
  • 5. Allow it to air-dry.
  • 10.handle:11.9cm / W:1cm / H:1cm / hair diameter: 0.7cm .

Package Included:

  • 5Pcs Rose Gold Oval Brushes Set in Box.

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