Ajustable Orthosis Corset Back Brace Posture Correction Shoulder Brace Posture Upper Back Support Corrector for Men Women Child

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Brand new and high quality

Comfortable and Healthy

Correvting your posture

Type:Sholder & Posture Support


Material:Velvet + Sponge

Fit for: Adult and Child


- Relieve Back/Shoulder Pain & Provide relief from injuries. Straps tighten around armpit to relieve tension. Feel marked comfort of your head and neck. Give a perfect balance to stabilize clavicle and encourage healing. For Align Clavicle, rounded shoulder, forward head, strains, sprains and muscle spasms.

- Prevent slouching/ hunching to correct poor posture. Help train muscles to pull shoulders back. After wearing it for hours, you can stood up straighter naturally, even removing it! Positive difference in keeping posture all day.

- Updated Padding for Comfort and Strong Durable Hold. Lightweight & Smooth material allows you to wear it at home and work. Relieve Pain from strenuous activity to keep you active. Can be worn over/under clothes. Relive No bruises and won't dig your skin.

- 3 Sizes for the best Fit. Fully Adjustable straps for a more custom fit. Professional Velcro closure for retraining muscles in the right position. Provide desired amount of support to keep shoulders back. Shoulders back! Chest out!

-Can be worn at home, work, or while exercising.


Measure under your armpits and around your chest




You can adjust the straps to get your perfect fit.

Package Includded: 1pc Humpback Posture Correction Belt

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