Disaar sunscreen cream SPF 60/90 moisturizing And Fast Tan Self Tanning Lotion

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Disaar sunscreen cream SPF 60/90 moisturizing

Product is a set of waterproof , anti-sweat , oil, isolation , sunscreen, concealer , nourish , repair as one of protection products.

The main characteristics are : sunscreen isolation , concealer , moisture (to prevent dehydration and drying of the skin surface ) , repair .

Tanning Lotion


Product action:Tan Enhancer,Bronzer

Shelf life:12 months

Skin:Suitable for all skin types

Use:1.Massage evenly into exfoliated and moisturised skin

        2.Further application result in a rich, dark tan.

        3.Ideal for face and body to prolong existing tan,excellent for sun sensitive skin.

        4.Wash habds thoroughly after use

Effect:body Tanning,Natural,Brighten, tan enhancer, bronzer

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