Hair Steam Automatic Ceramic Curler Pro

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كمية محدودة جدا و بسعر مخفض - هذا العرض ساري حتى أنتهاء الكمية

السعر بالريال السعودي : 220 ريال شاملة الشحن مجانا

السعر بالربال القطري : 220 ريال شاملة الشحن مجانا

السعر بالدينار البحريني 22 دينار شاملة الشحن مجانا

السعر بالريال العماني : 22 ريال شامل الشحن مجانا

السعر بالدينار الكويتي 21 دينار شاملة الشحن مجانا

السعر بالدرهم الأماراتي : 220 درهم شاملة الشحن مجانا

Innovative Design

If you want to have a lovely and charming hairstyle, please look here! you deserve to have it! Compared to the traditional ones, this steam hair curler has a lot of advantages. First, it's unique spray function to protect our hair keep away from dry and coarse, let our hair be silky; second, to replenish water without injury, nourish the hair, resulting in zero damage; Third, fully automatic 8-second brings you the curly hair, even though you are a freshman, you can be stylish.

Spray Hair Care

Unique spray function, absorb moisture when curly hair. When the vapor enters the hair, it will harden the keratin structure inside the hair, and then form a permanent curl shape under the influence of physical and chemical action. Pour water into the hair to protect the hair from harm, make your hair shinier.

Simple and Easy Operation

The Ceramic Hair Curler will have your hair in lovely, goddess curls within several will reach temperatures up to 190°C, keeping the heat exactly where it needs to be, leaving you with salon-quality results in no time! you can DIY all kinds of hairstyle at home.

Three Timer Settings With Beep Alarm

There are 3 timer settings with audio beep indicator, the results vary according to hair type. 

LED Digital Display and 3 Temperature Setting (190°C-210°C-230°C)

The Curling Iron is quite easy to read the temperature and setting. When you turn on the curler, the LCD display will be on and show time, temperature, and curl direction setting. It is legible for you to adjust the settings according to your hair. Selecting the temperature from 190°C to 230°C. Starting from the lowest and then gradually increase heat level is recommended.



  • A button for steam on the machine, you can choose if you need steam or not as you will. 
  • Ceramic curl chamber for smooth and shiny curl creation. 
  • Curl direction control of Right, Left and Automatic rotating for either a uniform or natural look.
  • To ensure that the water tank has water (ONLY ADD PURE WATER, UNFAVORABLE WITH TAP WATER AND OTHER IMPURITIES IN WATER, LEST JAM THE SPRAY, LEAD TO PERFORM POORLY), open the spray function, to do a deep care for the hair. 
  • Suitable for shorter and longer hair lengths. 
  • Auto shut off without using in 60 minutes. 


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