Six Times Concentrated Aloe Vera Gel Cream Natural Acne 30G Moisturizing Repair

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Brand New & High quality.
efficacies:damage repair, after sun repair, after sun repair, after sun repair.
Feature: Moisturizing, Whitening, Acne Treatment .
Love should be six times more concentrated aloe vera gel skin natural with no side effects.
Aloe vera gel is \" frozen stabilization \" technology from naturalHerb\"Aloe \" extracted from its very high purity , non-toxic side effects, cuts, abrasions, wounds fester ,Scald, Itchy skin ,Acne, Spots , insect bites , toothache, ulcers lips ,Surgical scarsAnd so have a significant supporting role , the use of safe and reliable.

Cuts , Toothache,Corn, WoundFester Convergence skin.
Abrasions, Aphthous,Whitening Skin , itching, skin cracking.
Burns, Hemorrhoids,Acne , Insect bites, moisturizing.
Burns , Eczema,Freckle , Lip ulceration, anti-inflammatory.
Sprains, Frostbite , Sore throat , UV, gastrointestinal discomfort.
Aloe vera gel called \" Adhesive \" :

1 with the best American Aloe veraAs raw materials , with the most advanced \" freezing stabilization \" madeAloe Vera Gel ;
2 aloe vera gel has activated CellVitality, slow skinSenescence , Convergence , to reconcile the skin, nourish the skin and protect the skin effect ! Is a beauty boutique
3 Aloe different Calcium citrate And other ingredients can expand capillary blood and promote microcirculation. Enhanced cell viability.
4 contained Superoxide dismutase,Peroxidase,Vitamin C,Vitamin E,Carotene And other free radical scavengers , can clear Chuo aging skin cells from free radicals, anti aging skin cells .
5 amino acids within it , Vitamins , Minerals , enzymes , organic acids , and water is essential skin nutrients , natural astringent , make the skin firm and detailed , prevent sagging skin , effectively lock in moisture , inhibit the production of melanin.
Package Included:

1 X30G Aloe Vera Gel Cream.
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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